Sunday, June 21, 2009


Welp, I havent been so good at updating this blog, but that is because I havent been great about taking my camera with me around town. The last few weeks I have been doing a lot better with the pictures, and guess what, I had some visitors!

Kailyn, Ruey, Scout, and Maya:

On their way to Bonaroo, this gang stopped in to Kansas City for a night or two! They were able to witness some serious midwestern thunderstorm weather their first night here, so know I have a sympathetic group to call when things get real crazy out here. We went to the Plaza and Westport and saw some KC fountains, and then in the evening Tom took us to some classic KC BBQ at Aurthur Bryants, followed by a Monday night gay bar crawl. Pictures!

Westport coffee shop. We played some cards.

Plaza fountain.

Penguin statues on the Plaza.

The After shot at Aurthur Bryants.

Tom at the juke box and Kailyn playing pool at Buddies.


Later that week, my mom came to town to attend her uncle Keith's 80th birthday party in Kennard, Nebraska. Of course, since it was my mom, we did a lot more than that while she was in town. We went to several museums, many a restuarant, and did lots of shopping.

The party in Kennard was great, it was wonderful to meet so many relatives I didnt even know I had! Pictures!

Some lanturns over brush creek on the Plaza.

Mural at the entrance to the Harry Truman Library.

In the Nelson Atkins Art museum.

One of my favorite places in Kansas City, the restaurant in the Nelson Atkins.

On the drive to Kennard...

Beautiful downtown Kennard!

Relatives and non relatives...

Party entertainment, Kennard style.