Wednesday, April 6, 2011

DIY not?

I made beer! It tastes like bud light. Not super delicious, but for the multitude of errors I made while brewing my first batch, I'm just impressed its not green. If I know anything, I know about 6 people who will gladly drink it.

Im likely not the first person to try to make their own tasteless beer in Kansas, as prohibition here lasted from 1881 until 1948 (YIKES), the longest of any state. That's a lot of not drinking beer. And after that, bars couldn't serve alcohol stronger than 3.2% until 1987, a change which I can only assume was done to celebrate my birth. The first legal brewery in over 100 years, Free State Brewing Company, opened 2 years later in Lawrence. And they still make delicious beer!

Alcohol sales are still restricted. You can't get anything stronger than 3.2 beer in grocery stores, which is a SIGNIFICANT INCONVENIENCE. You need to go to a liquor store (or bar) to get anything else. The situation does, though, make for some friendly family liquor stores. There is some current action in the legislature to allow liquor sales in grocery stores. The small business association is against it, because it would draw business away from the small, locally owned family liquor stores and bring it to the big grocery chains. Blerg, indeed.