Monday, July 20, 2009

General Update:

So I have some GREAT pictures from the 4th of July, but unfortunately I managed to leave my camera somewhere that night- and though I know where it is, I still dont have it. SO GET EXCITED, I will post those soon.

Ive been here just about 3 months, and I thought this might be a good time for an update about how I am suggesting to my new surroundings. I had sent a message to my friend Joe to let him know how things were going, and I think it was a good summary about my experiences so far, so I have reprinted it here:

"Hi Joe,

I am really liking it out here in Kansas City! The Midwest suits me, I think. When you live in California, you think you can never like it anywhere else, but this move has made me realize that people are the same everywhere, and that every place has good food, fun places, etc. but just different (except Topeka…never go there!) I never went to the beach much anyway....

The biggest changes: beer (EVERYONE here drinks coors light or bud light as their beer of choice, this is busch country!) parking (when there is ‘no parking’ , they don’t paint the curb red, they just put up a sign. What’s so hard about painting a curb red! This is going to get me in trouble one day...) burritos (there aren’t that many, Chipotle is often your only option) and relationships (people get married very young here- about 50% of the couples I have met in my age range are married, and this is really trippy. I don’t think any of the people in my circle in California are even engaged! This is taking some getting used to...)

Culture shock wise, that is really about it! People are so nice out here, I go to a lot of Royals games and Irish pubs, Im learning to love BBQ, Sonic Burger, and frozen custard, and Im getting used to the crazy weather. Living here is really inexpensive, so my VISTA dollars go a long way, and I am having a great time! The museums are wonderful, and there is a lot of culture and history here.