Saturday, March 26, 2011

Beak 'em

This photograph sums up a lot about what I love about Kansas. This is a photo of the University of Kansas student section during a basketball home game in Lawrence Kansas, where KU played their rivals from the University of Missouri (located in Columbia, MO, once home to pro-slavery agitators who organized Quantrill's raid and burned Lawrence in 1863.) The students are holding up an image of a famous mural of John Brown, abolitionist freedom fighter, with Brown's bible replaced with the NCAA tournament trophy. Awesome. Lawrence reminds me a lot of Santa Cruz, except the beach is replaced with basketball. The KU men's team has just advanced to the elite eight bracket in the NCAA tournament, and Eastern Kansas has gone Jayhawk crazy. So lately, as is true for nearly everyone in a 50 mile radius, Ive been watching a lot of basketball. Next game is tomorrow. Beak 'em, Hawks! photo via cklablog

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