Monday, March 14, 2011

Is This It Turns 10

This has nothing to do with Kansas or history (at least not really) but I find it worth noting that this album turns 10 years old in October. It came out when I was 14, and I remember listening to it on my CD player at the YMCA, the summer before High School, thinking about how cool I was that I liked a band like The Strokes. Well, that WAS super cool of me, because this album is amazing and is still the first one I play in my car when you can roll your windows down again in the Spring, like I did last Friday (though not today, it's snowing here again. Ridiculous.)

Also, Ive only ever had one copy of this CD. Can we discuss how responsible I am for keeping and caring for a single CD for nearly 10 years? I find this notable, and I add it to my extensive list of examples of how I am really good at not losing or breaking things.

Is This It is one of those albums that I know every word of every song. The same is true for Paul Simon's Graceland, but that is all I can think of. Maybe Van Morrison's Moondance, maybe Music From Big Pink, but the longer I make this list the more "old fogey" is gets so Im going to stop. Oh, and probably a lot of musicals I like to think I dont know the words to. Like Pippin.

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  1. Juliet, a great list but I have never heard The Strokes -- must find. For St. Patrick's day try this "old fogey's" favorite, Van Morrison and the Chieftains, Irish Heartbeat, or for any old time, The Chieftains, The Long Black Veil, with Sting, Mick Jagger, Sinead O'Connor, Ry Cooder, Marianne Faithful, and! Van Morrison.